marianne's musings

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

full of thanks

thanksgiving was good...helping my sister kelly set up everything at her and grant's house, spending time with my family, choking on some first bite of grant's deep fried wild turkey went down the wrong pipe, which started a five minute coughing attack. of course, we watched some football...but i also watched an old doris day film and some of us watched survivor and grey's anatomy. it was so nice just to be there with my family. i have been thankful...if i can't be in australia yet, at least i can be home for my favorite time of year fall/thanksgiving/christmas. can't wait for a little snow. i think that might arrive this weekend. oh, and i almost forgot...we tried to play a joke on my dad...there was an attempt to convince dad that i had gotten a tatoo in new zealand...he did not fall for it. but maybe next trip i really will get one.

so the was great! new zealand was beautiful. it was good to finally meet kimberly in person (she's great and loves the 80's as much as i do). the students were wonderful and welcomed me right in, even though it was their last week (this trip was the end of their semester abroad and they flew home to the states from auckland). i look forward to more trips to new zealand.

as you might have guessed, i am still here in the states and still waiting on my work visa. it's been a crazy process. but i know god has a plan and the right time for me to move to australia. i'm trusting in that, otherwise, i would be out of my mind with frustration. i'm not sure all of the reasons for my delay, but i am thankful to spend thanksgiving and christmas with my family. hopefully the new year will bring about my move to a new location...australia, here i come!

as for now, i am doing a bit of work and reading from here, and enjoying the holidays. this thursday i am headed down to kentucky to spend time with my friends shauna, neil, and jenny, and hopefully, emily and eric. it's christmas in wilmore this weekend, and i will also do some reading in the seminary library. at the minute, i am at my sister michelle's house using their computer....and i think she might need me to help her figure out the christmas tree section is out. so that's the lates! have a great day!