marianne's musings

Thursday, January 10, 2008

new year

where to's been a few months...ok, we are in a whole new year, and i have not written in quite a while. sometimes there's just too much to say or not enough motivation to say it or maybe just not enough words to express my thoughts.

fall came and i did enjoy the rustling of leaves, running and laughing hysterically through a haunted corn maize with the youth, the birth of my niece reese, spending time with my nieces emma and family in general, thanksgiving with reese's baptism, and then christmas.

now winter...with it's freakishly warm days this week. part of me loves watching the snow fall on a dark, cold night...the flakes drifting down in silence. another part of me longs for sunshine and warm days. mostly, right now, i want to put on paper some of the many ideas i have for films, to read for days on end, to talk with know, the ones who really understand me, challenge me, pour into me, and allow me to do all of the same things for them...i want to put in to action so many of the crazy thoughts i have...i want to live