marianne's musings

Friday, December 15, 2006

dates and departure

emma's surgery will be on the 2nd of january. she will be in the hospital for five days, off school for two weeks after being released from the hospital, and then back to school and normal life.

god's timing is amazing. i will be here for the surgery and the majority of her recovery time. then on january 17th i will be moving to australia. it's so difficult to believe that the time has finally come, and soon a new season in my life will begin. i had a wee taste of it in november on the new zealand trip with kimberly, charity, and the fall semester students. and i have to say, i am totally stoked about my job and this new adventure in life.

Sunday, December 03, 2006


my niece emma is wonderful and i love her. she is a miracle. when she was one week old, actually before the end of that first week, emma had to have major heart surgery. she was born with a heart defect. each year of her seven years of life, she must go to the children's hospital and have a heart check-up. this year's check-up was on thursday. it was discovered that emma must have open-heart surgery...very soon...but they are going to wait until after christmas. it has not been scheduled yet, so i do not know when.

emma is a bit fearful and all of us are a bit sad and anxious...yet we know god will be with emma, the doctors, the nurses, us, and everyone else involved in the surgery and recovery. still it is a tough one to swallow. she is seven and is about to face open-heart surgery.

please pray for my niece emma...that god would give her peace, comfort, and strength...that god will heal her heart...that god will be with the doctors, nurses, and everyone else involved in her surgery and recovery...that god would give my sister michelle and brother-in-law jeff peace, comfort, and strength...that god would give all of my family and i the same.