marianne's musings

Thursday, February 07, 2008

tornadoes and peas

last week was interesting to say the least. it started with sirens and ended with a thud and the middle was no laughing matter. we had to finish up a youth volunteer dinner/meeting in the women's restroom of the church due to the tornado sirens going off, high winds whipping, hail pelting, and general craziness of the weather so far this year. it was a bit close quarters with about 20 or so kids and adults in the restroom, but we managed to spend the time praying out loud the names of each youth.
a few more things didn't go as planned or as desired. though i did have such a laugh with some of the people in my bible study on wednesday night. it was that kind of laughter that just keeps you smiling and makes your stomach hurt. i haven't done that in quite some time.
then the thud...thursday night, as the snow storm (that never really was) was approaching, i gracefully fell in my apartment. i heard a snap and i was on the floor. then came a trip to the emergency room with my friend from work, julie. yes, i sprained my ankle...those are frozen peas and my lovely little splint. so much for my first training walk for the mini-marathon. hopefully, i will be healed in time to go on the next training walk at the end of this month. in the meantime...well...i guess i would just like to not hurt myself and have any more tornadoes to take cover from...since my apartment is on the second floor, so taking cover in my bathroom is really quite pointless. i hope the sounds in your life are a little less menacing.